June 3rd through 5th (VIP Session, June 2nd) - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The House Flipping Summit was the brainchild of Daniel Wiafe (Las Vegas, NV) and Ray Mabry (Raleigh, NC). These two real estate entrepreneurs & businessmen initially networked with each other in the Fall of 2015 and thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to have an organized meetup based around WHOLESALING HOUSES and other real estate niches, network, learn & have fun with other like-minded individuals from across the country?"

One thing lead to another and the FIRST House Flipping Summit took place in Las Vegas, NV between March 18th through the 20th, 2016. The results were AWESOME. We had a total of 24 entrepreneurs who came from around the country to attend the LIVE event & mastermind in an intimate 2,000 sqft suite at the Platinum Hotel, that overlooked the Las Vegas Strip.

At the Las Vegas event in March, we learned about: Youtube marketing, periscope marketing, closing huge deals, marketing to probate leads, marketing to eviction leads, fix and flipping methods, how to do lease options, setting up your business properly from a tax standpoint, postcard mailers and much, much more! Click here to listen to our FIRST session of the House Flipping Summit we had in March, back in Vegas.

People from all over the NATION were able to network... be FED GREAT FOOD... and have an intimate & comfortable experience at our event that no other real estate event that we know of can match!

...BUT as great as the FIRST House Flipping Summit was in Las Vegas... we plan on making the SECOND House Flipping Summit that will take place in Ft. Lauderdale on June 3rd through the 5th (Special VIP event on the evening of June 2nd)... will be an EPIC event for the ages that will not be forgotten. The event is SOLD OUT, please click here to get your recordings of the event.

A little background on these two fellas who created the House Flipping Summit...

Daniel Wiafe, has been wholesaling real estate and rehabbing homes in Tulsa, OK and Las Vegas, NV since 2010 and has done over 100 transactions. He is the creator of the popular House Flipping Ninja blog and Youtube channel. Daniel has been featured nationally on the HGTV channel with his own series entitled "Flipping the Heartland". He is a real estate investing coach at the House Flipping Dojo Academy. He is also a nationally sought-out public speaker.

Ray Mabry, has been wholesaling houses in North Carolina and the east coast since 2014. He recently celebrated his FIRST year wholesaling real estate as his full-time business and has shown everybody that it IS possible to go from "ZERO" to "HERO" in real estate investing in a short-time period. He has successfully closed dozens of deals locally and nationwide either individually or collectively with his students in various parts of the country. Ray is a wildy-popular Periscoper and widely followed by students across the world. He is the founder of Hooray Marketing and Wholesaler's Academy, which is an interactive wholesaling education system.

Special Guests: 
Cris Chico, founder of the virtual wholesaling system. Cris is a master direct response marketer, internet marketer and a master and creating business systems that allow you to free up your business to make you money. He will be presenting on Saturday. www.CrisChico.com

Claude Diamond, founder of the G.U.T.S. sales system. Claude is a MASTER of sales systems, closing deals, lease options and social media explosion. He will be presenting on Friday & Saturday. www.ClaudeDiamond.com

Erik Torrente, direct mail ninja and expert in creating niche lists for real estate entrepreneurs to use in getting the highest response rates from motivated sellers. www.FlipThisRealEstateList.com

BOTTOM LINE: If you are a wholesaler, this event is for YOU. If you are a newbie, this event is for YOU. If you are a seasoned real estate entrepreneur... guess what? This event is for YOU!

Here is what YOU are going to get when you come to House Flipping Summit II this June 3rd through June 5th, 2016 (VIP Session on June 2nd):

1. Education - Learn the game plan & strategies that real estate entrepreneurs use for success.
2. Transformation - Leave the event better than you were before you came. Have an actionable game plan to follow to increase or start ur business when you go home.
3. Inspiration - Be inspired by real estate entrepreneurs who are doing it big
4. Association - Iron sharpens iron! meet & netowrk other real estate professionals from across the country.

Now keep in mind, this 3-Day Event will run Friday, June 3rd to Sunday, June 5th. There will be a SPECIAL V.I.P. session on Thursday, June 2nd (VIP event is SOLD OUT) to those who UPGRADE their tickets. 

VIP SESSION: The V.I.P. session on June 2nd will ONLY be held for 10 entrepreneurs. (UPDATE: Seats to the V.I.P. session are sold out as of 4/18/16). We will teach individualized marketing for your business... have a hot seat discussion on how to 10X your business... mastermind... discuss setting up advanced profit streams to implement in your current business... AND we'll feed you good food as well as hang out on the waterfront!

The location of the event will be on a waterfront area in a comfy AND roomy exquisite suite, penthouse or large home in a premier location in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. For privacy reasons we will only reveal the location to those who have purchased tickets to the event.


Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think about growth.


Co-Founder of House Flipping Summit.

Real estate entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, High Ticket Marketing Expert, Host of HGTV's Flipping the Heartland TV Show.


Co-Founder of House Flipping Summit.

Real estate entrepreneur, Coach, President of Hooray! Marketing


Founder & Creator of Virtual Wholesaling. 

Real estate entrepreneur, Marketer, Educator. Creator of the FIRST virtual wholesaling program in the country.


Founder & Creator of the G.U.T.S. System.

Lease Option Grandmaster, Sales & Social Media Guru.


Founder of Flip This Real Estate List

Virtual Wholesaler, List Broker.

We'll be announcing more of the House Flipping Summit II 2016 presenters and agenda items soon.


House Flipping Summit II will be an immersive and invaluable experience taking place over four action-packed days in beautiful & warm Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Each day will be made up of engaging keynote presentations and panels from some of the brightest minds in wholesaling and real estate investing. We will have special guest presenters:

Cris Chico... Claude Diamond... Erik Torrente... Aunt Pam Douglas... Lionel Finley and more!

House Flipping Summit II is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey to creating your wholesaling business in your local market (for beginning entrepreneurs) or exceling your wholesaling business and taking it to the next level through advanced strategies, education & networking (for advanced entrepreneurs).

Some of the things that we will cover (but not limited to/can change):
* Setting up your wholesaling business properly.
* Having the proper mindset for business success.
* Building your million dollar team.
* Marketing strategies for beginners. 
* Using Google Adwords, Periscope &Youtube for finding motivated sellers.
* Case Studies.
* Live Calls with Sellers.
* Role Playing Calls with Sellers and Buyers.
* Negotiation Tactics.
* Contracts.
* What's Working in Your Market?
* Hot Seat Time!
* Creating a local coaching & mentoring program (for seasoned investors)
Creating a Marketing Plan.
* Open Questions & Answers.
* Different Exit Strategies.
* Networking with Others.
* Being a Business Owner/Investor vs. being an Employee/Self-Employed.
* and more!

Thursday, June 2nd: (VIP Session, Limit of 10 entrepreneurs) 
4/18 UPDATE: Sold Out!

  • 4pm: Registration.
  • 5pm-10pm: The fun starts! We will teach individualized marketing for your business... have a hot seat discussion on how to 10X your business... mastermind... discuss setting up advanced profit streams to implement in your current business... AND we'll feed you good food as well as hang out on the waterfront!
  • After 10pm: Free time.

    Friday, June 3rd: (Regular Session, Limit of 30 entrepreneurs, Day #1)
    4/21 UPDATE: Sold Out! Click Here to Purchase Your Audio Recording.
  • 12pm: Registration.
  • 1pm-7pm: General Sessions and Panels. Snacks/Beverages Served.
  • After 10pm: Free time.

Saturday,  June 4th: (Regular Session, Limit of 30 entrepreneurs, Day #2)
4/21 UPDATE: Sold Out! Click Here to Purchase Your Audio Recording.

  • 9am-5pm: General Sessions and Panels. Light lunch served. Snacks/Beverages Served.
  • After 5pm: Ultimate Dinner served for everybody at a local resteraunt. Networking. Night out on the town at your leisure.
  • Sunday, June 5th:  (Regular Session, Limit of 30 entrepreneurs, Day #3)
    4/21 UPDATE: Sold Out! Click Here to Purchase Your Audio Recording. 
  • 9am-12pm: General Sessions and Panels. Light lunch served. Snacks/Beverages Served.
  • After 12pm: General networking. Daniel & Ray will meet with students in a small group. Time to fly back home!

**Hours and schedule are subject to change. Please check back for updates.

We will be holding the House Flipping Summit in a BEAUTIFUL $1.8 Million Dollar, 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom; 4,500 sqft resort home that is located in Hallandale Beach, FL 33009 on the waterfront.
For privacy reasons, the EXACT address of the resort home will ONLY be given to attendees will be given 10 days in advance of the House Flipping Summit.
(Note: You will need to get your own lodging during your stay in Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


Hollywood Beach Marriott
2501 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019
We have a special room rate of $149 + 11% resort fee/night that will be available here from April 19th to May 2nd. We may have shuttle service from hotel to event.
Click Here to Reserve
(4.9 miles to Event)

Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach Resort Hotel
4000 S. Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL
(1.81 miles to Event)

Diplomat Resort Curio Hilton Hollywood
3555 S. Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL
(1.87 miles to Event)


of the VIP Sessions & 3 Days of House Flipping Summit II

Only $97
(save $100 early bird pricing)

  • * EARLY BIRD PRICING until May 15, 2016.
    Regular price after this date will be $197.

    This package is NOT for you to fly out to the event and attend the LIVE EVENT. Those seats are sold out.

    This is package is for the audio recordings of the Live Event that will be delivered to you AFTER the event has ended in Ft. Lauderdale.
  • * DELIVERY: We will deliver the audio files in .mp3 format to you within 14 days after the end of the Summit 
  • Recordings of the General Sessions